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BEER IS Community

“Beer is nothing without someone to share it with. That’s why we’re investing in our communities, through sponsorships and support for sports teams and other local initiatives. We celebrate this activity across every step and decision made, from socials to new limited-edition releases.”

– Dean Grant, Founder and CEO of Urban Alley Brewery 

After having brought beer from all over the world to Melbourne and with the desire to make great beer for the local people, Dean Grant & Bruce Davey had an opportunity to found their brewery. 

Urban Alley Brewery was created on the doorstep of Melbourne’s CBD, District Docklands, in 2018. The site allowed for the creation of a 25 hectolitre brewhouse with a 690 people capacity, our first BREWPUB. 

Urban Ale, our first beer, was made to be a gateway from mainstream to craft beer. Combining traditional recipes with new flavours and twists, Urban Alley received over 20 awards since 2019, including Australian International Beer Awards, Independent Beer Australia, Perth Beer Awards, ranging from draught, packaging and design.

The vision has always been to bring a brewpub experience to local communities. We started in Docklands, with the second site in KNOX, and our latest release, UA BREWING CO at Chadstone – The Fashion Capital. 

Every drop of our beer comes from right here. 

Our on-site breweries mean the beer you drink couldn’t be fresher, or more local. And we love it – so from our brewpubs to our socials, we’ll give you an insight into the people and the process behind your favourite local beer. 

There are certain things only the locals know. And that’s particularly true in Melbourne. A city of locals enjoying hidden bars in cool alleys. It’s the feeling of being in the know. Feel like you own a part of that local bar, pub or drink because you’re from here. That is Urban Alley. Authentic craft beer and BrewPub inspired to be a truly local experience. It’s why we don’t just have one BrewPub, but many. 

Urban Alley is brewed locally for the people. Designed for your neighbourhoods. Created to be locally famous.

The Hidden Sea and Urban Alley Brewery are honoured to be taking part in removing plastic from our ocean.

Despite its many names, there is only one ocean that we all share, and the ocean waste plastic crisis is as dire as ever. But, we can all work together to make a difference in the health of the ocean, and The Hidden Sea is the most delicious way to do so!

For every 1 bottle of The Hidden Sea sold, 10 plastic bottles are removed and recycled from the ocean.

Together we can make a difference. Together we can save the sea!



We proudly support our local community