Launching in 2016 with our signature ‘Urban Ale’, our core range continues to grow. Easy-drinking, classic flavours with a twist that can be enjoyed year-round. Created by our head brewer Shaya, these beers are approachable and readily available throughout our stockists and the brewpub.


Heart of melbourne

It’s no secret that we love our craft beer here in Melbourne. Whether you’re north-side, south-side or somewhere in between, a refreshing beer is never far away. With our roots planted firmly in the thick of it all, our aim is to create consistent, quality beer while challenging current sustainability questions around beer production. Our brewers take pride in selecting only the finest ingredients from around the world and where possible sourcing directly from the farm. Production has been challenged at every level to ensure that processes adhere to strict quality and sustainability benchmarks. Come down to the brewery and check it out for yourself!

Grab a glass

01 Grain

We source our malts from all over the world, with each recipe uniquely crafted using carefully selected ingredients to reflect the brewer’s interpretation of a particular beer style. Beers with more pronounced caramel, toffee and nutty notes typically have a fair amount of British malts, where cleaner styles might feature classic German-grown and -malted grains.

02 Hops

The primary source of bitterness and pungent fruity aromas in your glass, hops are a critical portion of what’s in your glass. Like our malt selection, our brewers like to use a wide variety of hops from around the globe. American, Australian and New Zealand hops will typically be found in beers with pronounced stone fruit and melon aromas, while German and British hops provide a more subtle, floral, and spicy character.

03 Yeast

Innovations in brewing technology have enabled today’s brewers to have access to a wide variety of brewing yeast strains, in both dry and liquid form. Our brewers are able to recreate almost any contemporary – and historic – beer style by carefully selecting the right yeast strains and controlling fermentation conditions.

04 Water

Melbourne water is typically very clean with low levels of calcium and hardness. Soft water is great for brewing with – after a 3-stage filtration, our brewers only have to minimally tweak the balance of the source water to ensure the right amount of calcium and other critical minerals are in perfect balance for each product.
Much of our operational water is also recaptured and reused for brewing with again – helping to lower our impact on our environment.


Good beer requires commitment. Lucky, I don’t have a social life.


We’re proud to use latest beer technology. With a birds eye view on every aspect of production from temperature, to brewing time, every glass we pour for you is perfect.