Wed 24 Oct

UA Brewer’s release # 4 – Airborne NEDIPA


Introducing our 4th instalment of our Alley Series!

At 10.1% this Double IPA is no joke. Just ask our brewer Ben who is not allowed to drink this unsupervised after one too many “samples” over the weekend.

Here is everything you need to know about this legendary beer.

ABV: 10.1%.

Tastes: Sweet, Strong, Bitter

IBU: 55

Colour: Amber

Clarity: Hazy

Mouthfeel: Full-bodied

Matches perfectly with: A couch.

NEDIPA stands for New England Double India Pale Ale. Try saying that twice after one of these bad boys. It’s a style of American IPA that is looking to pack a punch. You know you have your hands on a banger when your taste buds feel like they are on a tropical vacation.

We pushed our kit as far as it could go- the beer showcases hop aromas of pineapple, mango, citrus and apricot with an ensemble of sweet maltiness, hints of pie crust and an inviting alcohol warmth.

All hops were added post-boil giving a soft and rounded bitterness. If you like hoppy beer, this will be like all your birthdays have come at once, balanced with a pleasant alcohol presence and malt to back it up.

Our Airborne NEDIPA is currently on tap at the brewery and available in cans to takeaway.

Best enjoyed while seated.

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