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Lucid Dreaming

Kveik Hazy IPL 6.3%

In collaboration with the legends at Craft Cartel, we present the latest in our Kveik Series, a style mashup inspired by a hazy IPA and a classic pale lager, resulting in a beer like you’ve never had before. Fermented at a sizzling 40°C, we’ve filled it with upfront bitterness and a spicy floral aroma. With a surprisingly easy finish, this anytime beer brings the best of both worlds to your palate.

Flight Delay

Bohemian Style Pilsner 4.9%

First came the Boarding Pass, a specialty beer for Melbourne Airport. But after a boarding pass, what do you get? The Flight Delay Pils, the Urban Alley take on the worlds most emulated style of beer. With firm bitterness and a honey-like malt base, this refreshing, clean pilsner is our tribute to a timeless treasure.


Raspberry Wheat Ale 5.3%

Raspberries and rye blend nicely for a sweet and spicy finish. This beer pours with a slight haze and has a smooth, creamy mouthfeel that is typical of wheat beers.

Alley Dangler

Smoked Amber Lager 5.6%

There are few moments in life as divine as sipping on a fresh Rauchbier in Bamberg. We can’t bring Bamberg to Melbourne, so the least we can do is bring the beer, using Australian indigenous wood-smoked barley malt. Smoky, warm, malty and inviting.

Long Beach Dreamsicle

Nordic Hazy IPA 6.8% 39 IBU

Inspired by Orange Creamsicles and the prolific Kveik fermentations of the Long Beach Beer Lab (USA). This IPA has big, juicy hop fruitiness with a solid, malty backbone and a refreshing grassy finish. Heavy doses of unmalted grains make this so smooth and creamy you might forget it’s a beer.

Alliance Oatmeal Stout

Oatmeal Stout 6.0%

A special collaboration between Fall & Rise Brewing and Urban Alley Brewery.

This English-style oatmeal stout has just enough warmth to set the tone on those cool winter nights. An addition of chocolate rye malt creates a smooth espresso creaminess and dark roasted flavour.

Boarding Pass Pilsner

Malty & Hoppy Bohemian-Style Lager 4.4%

A lager with firm bitterness and a honey-like malt base. The Pilsner originated in Pilsen (Czech Republic) and is arguably the most widely emulated beer style in the world. Most continental pale lagers are based on the original “Bohemian” style Pilsner.

Urban Pink

Mid-strength Tropical Ale 3.5%

A mid-strength clean ale based on one of our original recipes. Blood orange puree and vanilla are added late in the fermentation. Pink/red color comes from a natural food dye based on sweet potato, blackcurrant and carrot. Well-balanced and highly refreshing.

District IPA

Bold, Fruity, Bitter 6.1%

Uplifting tropical and stone fruit aromas, sweet malt and bitterness come together in unison to create this bold, hop-forward IPA. Fruity, piny, resinous and bitter.

Vienna Mandarina

Vienna-Style Lager 4.9%

A malt-forward, amber lager with a new-world German hop “Mandarina Bavaria” added late in the brewing. Hints of chocolate, toasted bread, and citrus. Warming, delicious and inviting