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Summer’s 12 outstanding Australian craft beers

The Summer edition of Beer & Brewer magazine 2022 has been released. This year, featuring 112 new or recent release craft beers, ciders and brewed hard seltzers with reviews by some of Australia’s best sensory experts, including our Alley IPA

Alley IPA 5.8%

Deep gold with soft haze and a fluffy white head, the nose is a bouquet of tropical and stone fruit while on the palate a soft acidity balances sweetness with accents of lemon and lime pith with a nod towards bitterness. A subtle herbal note of marjoram adds to the complexity, as does a bittersweet whiff of pineapple skin. The mouthfeel is clean with some palate weight on the tip of your tongue. The finish has some moderate bitterness that ends with a more rounded herbal, citrus pith bitterness and a lingering taste of overripe ruby grapefruit skin. A gorgeous IPA.

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